Nail Bar

Nails are important too
Nail Bar Time Price
Full Set of Nails 1hr 15mins £39.50
Infills 1Hour £26.50
Backfills 1hr 30mins £33.00
Backfill Tips 1hr 15mins £36.00
Refile & Top Coat 20mins £12.00
Individual Nail Repair 15mins £4.00
Removal of Full Set 30mins £16.00
Removal & Hydration Treatment 1hr 15mins £33.00
Gel Toes 30mins £25.00
Twinkle Toes 30mins £20.00
Coloured Gel Overlay Over Acrylics 20mins £5.00
Personalise Your Nails Repolish Nail Art approx 15mins £5.00
Diamantes 50p each

Junior and trainees at discount rates when available.

Brand new gel system! Jessica GELeration

The beauty of Jessica, in a gel with the health of the natural nail in mind, GELeration’s gel formula delivers a long lasting, flawless finish that’s dry in seconds and protects the natural nail. GELeration is available in your Favourite Jessica colours.

Deluxe GELeration gel overlay manicure Time Price
Includes the benefits of the luxurious LeRemedi hand treatment. Your hands will be smoother, silkier and firmer. Cuticles will be cared for, nails will be shaped and finished with Jessica’s GELeration gel polish. 75mins £40.00
GELeration gel Manicure Time Price
Includes hand exfoliation, massage, cuticle care & nail shaped and finished with Jessica’s GELeration gel polish. 60mins £30.00
GELeration removal plus mini tidy Time Price
Includes previous gel removal. 25mins £16.00
GELeration gel nail shape and polish Time Price
Nails are filed and shaped and finished with Jessica GELeration polish. 30mins £25.00
GELeration gel polish and removal Time Price
As above and will include previous gel removal. 60mins £30.00
GELeration refresh polish Time Price
A gel is applied over your existing GELeration manicure, plus hand massage, cuticle conditioning and an extra coat of gel polish to make your manicure last even longer. Only one refresh permitted between full nail Gelerations to prevent damaging the nail. 30mins £25.00
Zenspa Pedicure with GELeration Time Price
A luxury pedicure. Choose from either calming Green Tea, Energising Ginger or Revitalising Citrus for this luxury foot and leg treatment. Hard skin is removed, feet and legs are massage with conditioning creams. Cuticles are groomed and toe nails are shaped, finished with Jessica’s GELeration gel Polish. 60mins £40.00
Zenspa pedicure with GELeration & removal Time Price
As above and will include previous gel removal. 70mins £44.00

Jessica Manicure & Pedicure

Jessica Manicure Time Price
A prescriptive manicure which treats each nail for each specific nail type, complete with nail and cuticle tidy, hand massage and polish 60mins £30.00
Deluxe manicure with hot mitts Time Price
This Jessica prescriptive manicure with the thermal mittens, for deeper skin drenching of oils and creams applied. Thermal mitts help to soften the cuticles and improve circulation. 1hr 15mins £35.00
Express Manicure Time Price
Nail and cuticle tidy finished with a polish of your choice. 30mins £20.00
File and polish Time Price
Quick nail tidy and polish application of your choice. Ask for a French Polish for just £1 extra. 20mins £12.00
Zen pedicure Time Price
A luxury foot and leg treatment using Jessica’s Zen Spa collection. Smoother, softer, and revitalised feet will be yours. Includes application of a perfect pedicure polish. 1Hour £30.00
Zen Spa deluxe pedicure with thermal booties Time Price
A combination of Zen Spa salt scrubs, green tea and energising ginger massage creams soothe and re-hydrates tired feet and legs. Jessica’s finest thermal booties drench the feet with moisture. After pressure point massage and lymph drainage a polish application will complete your pedicure. 1hr 15mins £36.00
Express Pedicure Time Price
A quick, dry Pedicure, restoral of hard skin, cuticle and nail tidy. Finished with a polish of your choice. 30mins £20.00
Paraffin Therapy Time Price
Hand/Foot 20mins £12.00
Back 20mins £22.00

An additional therapy which can be added to any hand, foot or massage. Heat soothes aching joints and muscles as the wax moisturisers the tired skin. Leaving you totally revitalised.