Touchskin 21 at Poppies

The 21 equipment team have over 30 years of experience in creating the very best cosmetic treatments that give natural, pain and risk free alternatives to any surgical laser procedure.

The first affordable, non-invasive and painless treatment. The procedure is called sublimation which is a process of turning solid into gas which then dissolves the flat dead skin cells resulting in rejuvenating, resurfacing, bio stimulating (which helps to make your collagen and elastin to reproduce), lifting and tightening and also remodels the skin.

Upper Lids or under Eye bags £290.00
Both areas together (swap eye bags for crows feet at no extra cost) £570.00
Crows feet in addition £190.00
Face Lift (inc. eyes, lips, nose to mouth and crows £490.00
Neck Lift £350.00
Lips £190.00
Nose to Mouth £190.00
Scars, stretch marks, sun/age spots, skin rejuvenation, Milia Price
Small Area
Ideal for blemishes, small scars, early age/sun spots, first stage Milia
From £75.00
Medium Area
Rejuvination/age & sun spot removal on face, hands, neck, deloitte, lower or upper arms.
From £125.00
Large Area
Stretch marks, scars, legs, stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips
From £150.00
Discounts will be given for multiple areas